Hello and greetings, we wish you good eatings!

Welcome to DoJo Eats – we’re Dom and Jo, a bro and sis duo. We love cooking all kinds of food and look forward to sharing our favourite Eats with you.

This site is for people who love eating delicious grub – and if you’re not quite sure that you like the process of cooking it, we want to help make sure you fall in love with spending time in your kitchen.

Our Eats are divided into categories to suit your mood, whether you’re planning cookery around a lazy weekend, in need of a quick lunch, or tasty dishes for a party.

Why Eats?

Food isn’t just fuel – it’s something that can form a tangible soundtrack to your life. So, we wanted to help you answer the question “What Shall I Eat?”

Who we are

Born and raised in Lincolnshire, UK, with our brother David, we grew up on a diet of unusual creations, like tinned peach and tuna pizza; a novel take on the classic Hawaiian.

Our lovely mum has always been a dab hand at baking. Our memories are littered with special memories of her speciality Sweet Eats, some of which she has been kind enough to share. Mum’s savoury creations didn’t always work – we often went to school with condiment sandwiches – but she taught us to enjoy ourselves in the kitchen and give everything a try.

Now living around London (Jo) and Liverpool (Dom), we’ve since developed our own styles and specialities – Dom loves a fresh vegetable dish and a tasty taco, and Jo will slow-cook just about anything.

What can I expect from your blog?

We’ll explain why we love our recipes and how we like to eat them. Our recipes will sometimes be really easy. Some of our recipes will be tricky and we’ll give you all the top tips we’ve learned along the way to adapt them so you can make them your own.

Where we use ingredients you may not be able to get hold of easily, we’ll suggest alternatives. We’ll always try to suggest vegetarian or vegan adaptations where we cook with animal products.

We would love to hear from you, so please connect with us on Instagram (@dojoeats).

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